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The people of Beeston are super impressed with the Y36. Modern Mercedes buses run every 10 minutes throughout the day from Beeston to the city past the University and QMC.

We're now running to a new route in and around Beeston with buses running every 10 minutes via Wollaton Road, Park Street, Cator Lane and Chilwell High Road - Download map here

What's more, customers on Y36 can buy their tickets super quick using their mobile phone or smart device.

Why not save when you travel with genie to get the best price - giving you 20% off cash fares! Apply online and top-up on the bus.

Good for workers, shoppers, city hoppers, students and more, Y36 aims to please.

We're sorry to report that the Y36 will no longer run after Saturday 11 February, Sadly we were not carrying enough customers to keep the route running any longer. However you can still travel into Nottingham using our Y5 service, which will now be using this route. With the same great value fares, friendly drivers and reliable service! We’d like to thank all our customers who have travelled with us over the years.







Copyright Dunn Motor Traction 2009-2018


Copyright Dunn Motor Traction 2009-2019


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